1/10th Sanakan

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A long time ago, I read Tsutomu Nihei's manga Blame! (apparently pronounced 'Blam!', and just a spelling error). One of my favourite characters was Sanakan (and you may want to skip this whole project if you've not read it yet) because of the way she progressed from faceless, soulless Safeguard villain to compassionate self-sacrificing saviour by the end of the series. And while there's a few resin kits or models around of Sanakan - and I have a couple - they're always of her initial Safeguard form and never the friendly Governing Agency agent she becomes later in the manga.

Around about the same time I was noticing this, I was also sculpting quite a bit on other projects, and reading a lot of garage kit websites and forums - so I decided to have a go at a scratchbuild myself. The project later got put on indefinite hold when I moved house and packed all the bits up into a box and couldn't find them again, but hopefully I'll get back to it someday...

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