Patch Information

The most recent version of Tristan and Iseult is v1.4 - if you have a previous version, you may have trouble with crashes at certain parts of the game. The questions and answers below should hopefully aid you in getting around your problems with the least hassle.

I have v1.0, 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 and want to have 1.4
Since there are many changes in 1.4, and it uses a more-recent version of Ren'Py with a different archive policy, I haven't provided an update patch from previous versions to v1.4; you'll unfortunately have to download the game again from the downloads page.
There are no bugs fixed in 1.4, however, so if you have a previous version and just want to be sure you're bug-free, and don't mind missing out on the new features, then you can update to v1.3.
I have v1.0, the original download (unmarked).
Unfortunately, due to a bit of shortsightedness, you're going to have to re-download the entire latest version of the game. Sorry! You can visit the downloads page to find the download for the latest version. Rest assured that all future versions are more appropriately prepared, so future patches shouldn't have this problem. You should be able to still load any save you'd previously made.
I have v1.1 or v1.2 (version number in archive filename), and want to update to 1.3.
If you already have v1.1 or v1.2 installed, you can download the 1.2-to-1.3 patch here. (This will successfully upgrade v1.1 as well.) Simply unzip this into the 'game' directory inside your Tristan and Iseult directory, overwriting the 'scripts.rpa' file in there with the one in the patch, and you'll be running version 1.3 of the game.

Unfortunately, the process for patching on the Mac is rather difficult, thanks to the unique way that applications are distributed on that platform. (I developed Tristan and Iseult almost entirely on my Macbook Pro, so please don't assume I'm some Windows fanatic when I tell you I sometimes hate this thing about Macs.) If you know what you're doing, you can replace the scripts.rpa file from the '' directory; if you don't know how to do that, then... sorry, but it's probably best that you re-download the latest version of the game from scratch.

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