RPG Battle Engine for Ren'Py

This project is intended as a drop-in battle engine for the Ren'Py visual novel engine. Several people have been making RPG-esque games in Ren'Py, and a lot more have been asking for help with adding battles to their games, and the purpose of this project is to provide an engine that is flexible and modular enough to be easily customisable to suit many different types of game.

As seen above, the engine can support isometric grid turn-based battles like those seen in many SRPGs; it can also support face-to-face battles such as those seen in many JRPGs, battles over custom-laid paths and hex-grid battles, either in a turn-based or 'active'-style system.

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Creative Commons License

By default, the battle engine is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.


Alpha 7

Alpha 7.5 is the latest release of the battle engine; it requires Ren'Py 6.11.2 or higher.
Download Alpha 7.5: Win/Mac/Linux - 11.4MB ZIPDownload Alpha 7.5: Win/Mac/Linux - 11.4MB ZIP

This release completes the tilemaps & elevation work which began in a7, adding map rotation; additionally there have been a fair number of fixes and cleaning-up to the rest of the code.

This release is just a copy of the game folder, rather than a deployed game in its own right, in order to keep down file sizes. To view the demo, unzip the download into your Ren'Py projects directory and then open the project with the Ren'Py Launcher.

Previous Releases:

(Alphas 5 and above require Ren'Py 6.11.2 or higher.)

Download Alpha 7: Win/Mac/Linux - 11.3MB ZIPDownload Alpha 7: Win/Mac/Linux - 11.3MB ZIP

Download Alpha 6: Win/Mac/Linux - 9.9MB ZIPDownload Alpha 6: Win/Mac/Linux - 9.9MB ZIP

Download Alpha 5: Win/Mac/Linux - 25MB ZIPDownload Alpha 5: Win/Mac/Linux - 25MB ZIP

Download Alpha 4: Win/Mac/Linux - 27MB ZIPDownload Alpha 4: Win/Mac/Linux - 27MB ZIP

Download Alpha 3: Win/Mac/Linux - 16MB ZIPDownload Alpha 3: Win/Mac/Linux - 16MB ZIP

Download Alpha 2: Win/Mac/Linux - 21.8MB ZIPDownload Alpha 2: Win/Mac/Linux - 21.8MB ZIP

Download Alpha 1: Win32 - 11.6MB ZIPDownload Alpha 1: Win32 - 11.6MB ZIP

Screenshots & Videos

'Active' Battle'Active' BattleFacing DemoFacing Demo

Equipment SelectEquipment Select
Panning DemoPanning DemoIsometricIsometricHex GridHex Grid

Elevation TileMap BattlesElevation TileMap Battles

Elevation TileMap RotationElevation TileMap Rotation

Equip ScreenEquip Screen

Party ScreenParty Screen

Shop ScreenShop Screen

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Creative Commons License

By default, the battle engine code is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. If you want to use the engine in a non-commercial project then you don't have to even ask - just make sure you attribute it properly in your game's credits.

(I would appreciate it if you did tell me about any game you make with the engine, but if it's a free game, it's not necessary at all.)

If you want to license the engine for a commercial work, however, then read on!

Commercial Licensing

I'm afraid the battle engine is not available for commercial licensing.