Spartan Destroid

The Spartan is a destroid - giant shooty robot - from the anime series Macross... which is, amongst other things, notable for having been the bulk of the source material for Robotech, and provider of several 'mech designs for the earlier editions of Battletech (at least until lawsuits started flying). This is a build of a resin kit of the Macross original.

Heavy Gear Barnaby Scratchbuild

Well, I say 'scratchbuild' but really I'm relying heavily in a couple of ways in two previous Barnaby projects - Paul Lesack's papercraft Barnaby to save me measuring too much, and Sam Wood's excellent Barnaby scratchbuild (which unfortunately seems to have fallen off the web) for an idea of a good parts breakdown. But since I'm not sourcing parts from either project, I can still feel comfortable calling it a scratchbuild. ;-)

HA-7 Titan

DP9 lineartDP9 lineart

Yeah, I'm probably nuts. I like the look of the HA-7 (a helicopter in DP9's Heavy Gear universe) so much that I'm attempting to scratchbuild a 1/144th (game scale) replica of it. I'll never use it in a game, but it'll sit on my shelf, looking cool. That's enough for me.

Eagle Jäger

In 2005, DP9 ran a 'Pimp Your Gear' competition, apparently modelled after some TV programme about modifying cars; I decided to deck out a Jäger, the Vauxhall Nova of Terranovan gears (in case you're wondering, the Ferret is the Robin Reliant of Terranovan gears), with extra bodywork and stuck-on bits to make it bear some passing resemblance to the Republican Eagle icon.


OK, so masking with nothing but tape as in the Gundam article is all well and good but sometimes just masking tape isn't enough. The edge could be too irregular or the angles impractical...

Cutting Vents

The object of this article isn't just to cut vents - in this case the kind with parallel sides and rounded ends - but to do so in a way that is as hard to screw up as possible. It's still fundamentally a tricky thing to do, so practice first anyway, but this is the careful approach.

Constructing Styrene Buildings from Papercraft Templates

Odds are every wargamer has at least seen a papercraft building of some sort, from the Games Workshop card-and-plastic-bulkheads scenery packed in with Necromunda through the simple uncoloured folded-paper walls hastily constructed before a game to fold-and glue stuff like Paul Lesack's Heavy Gear Buildings.

The upsides of papercraft are obvious - they're cheap, easy to construct, lightweight and pre-decorated. It's scenery for everyone! The downsides, unfortunately, are just as obvious - they don't have much in the way of depth. Even high-class papercraft like Mr. Lesack's can only have drawn-on detail, less than a couple of millimetres between folds and they become impossible to construct out of normal paper. Those of us who long for more detail may consider recreating the pattern in styrene.

1/10th Sanakan

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A long time ago, I read Tsutomu Nihei's manga Blame! (apparently pronounced 'Blam!', and just a spelling error). One of my favourite characters was Sanakan (and you may want to skip this whole project if you've not read it yet) because of the way she progressed from faceless, soulless Safeguard villain to compassionate self-sacrificing saviour by the end of the series.

Building Your First Gundam

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Bandai produce hundreds of 1/144 Gundam kits, depicting mecha from each and every Gundam series. These stand about 5-6 inches tall, all told, and are often billed as 'the ideal beginner's kit'.

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