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As I mentioned in my recent blog post, I'm on the cusp of releasing Alpha 7 of the Ren'Py Battle Engine.

This will probably happen in a couple of days' time - I've done all the major developments, I just need to go through all the demos to ensure that nothing major has been broken by the latest release, clean up a couple of messy bits and write comments for the new demo/s.


The major items in this next release are:

  • Tileset and tilemap classes added to facilitate tiled maps (each 'tile' potentially being several graphics)
  • Grid battlefield movement and LoS routines modified to account for height of spaces and fighters
  • Elevation battlefield added to draw tileset-based battlefields with elevation
  • Added PriceList and MarkupPriceList to encapsulate purchase and sale prices of items.
  • Equipment Select screen
  • Party Select screen
  • RPG-style Shop screen
  • New screen actions to support the above

(Just like the screens that come with Ren'Py's template game, the battle screens are intended to be a part of your project and modified to suit your game's requirements.)


The main reason for this posting - other than to alert you that some great new features are coming soon and you may all want to book a few weeks off work to write awesome tactical RPGs - is to ask if there are any particular bugs that people want fixed in the latest release, or anything I'd promised would be included but isn't in the list above. If there is anything, let me know sooner rather than later by using the contact page on my website (link at the bottom of this email).

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