Crimson Fists Scout Assault Bike

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Crimson Fists Scout Assault Bike

The second motorcycle, for a second faction.

Near the end of my interest in WH40k, I started putting together a Crimson Fists army; mostly out of a combination of nostalgia for the original Rogue Trader book and a liking for the new (at the time) multipart plastic Marine figures... particularly since the multipart plastic Marine figures in the infamous beakie "Imperial Space Marines" box were the first minis I bought for 40k all those years previous. I then promptly never painted any of the nice plastics and concentrated on things like this instead - a pair of Marine Scouts converted to ride a motorcycle/sidecar.

(I kind of regret adding all that mud. It's a nice effect up close - complete with three-dimensional collection of earthy gunk and random spatter and everything - but it's a bit too over-the-top and I think in retrospect a better job could have been done of it with pastels and less gunk...)

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