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03 Mar in site

Around ten years ago, still at university, I started writing the first version of this site - all hand-cranked in PHP. That was just a straight-up paginated weblog (optimistically referred to as 'news', in the hope that this ugly new 'blog' word wouldn't take off), and I naturally soon outgrew it.

The next iteration came a few years later - I'd decided it would be useful to have more types of article than just news posts, so I set about writing a more-general CMS which could handle one-off multi-page articles, multiple separate news pages, and so on. I took the opportunity to learn CSS properly and do an entirely CSS-driven layout. It had a neat regex-driven text formatter that read in the kind of format I habitually used on IRC and in emails - /italics/, _underlines_, *bold* and so on. It was pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

Of course, while I was getting caught up in CSS, I forgot entirely about RSS, which was one of the big missing pieces of Ev2. I kept thinking I could add it, and then spending that time building giant robot models or programming bullet-hell shooter engines or sculpting characters from manga. And there was the minor annoyance that whenever I wanted to include images in my posts, I had to go and upload them separately through an FTP client, and it'd be pretty useful to have an image-uploader built into the site.

Eventually I decided that it would be easier and frankly a better idea to just take an off-the-shelf CMS and theme it up to suit my website; like that I'd get RSS, and probably image-uploading, and more to the point someone else would be fixing all the bugs and security holes and introducing cool new features while I was busy writing RPG-style battle systems inside VN engines or designing board games or whatever. Perfect!

I made that decision early in 2007; I finally got around to actually making the move in the last month or so. I could tell you how all the time in between was spent researching and playing with various different CMS options to determine the best system to use, but... well, it would be an obvious lie. Most of that time was spent forgetting that I even had a website.

Anyway, I've now copied over the few articles from my old site that actually seemed worth saving - Pikelet recipe included, just check 'Miscellany' - and I've been adding in content that didn't see the light of day previously or was just badly organised. So welcome to Ev Mk.III - I can't claim to have done all the programming this time, but hopefully that just means I'll have more time for actual content!


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