Tristan and Iseult - Week Late

06 Apr in nano, programming, videogames, VNs

Tristan and IseultTristan and Iseult

So, people have probably noticed that Tristan and Iseult hasn't been released yet - basically, it's quite literally 99.5% done, playable from end to end, but a couple of things are holding it back.

There's a bit of a bug in Ren'Py's OGL renderer that means it looks rather odd in anything other than native resolution (read: fullscreen) which PyTom suggests may be fixed in an upcoming Ren'Py release, and the climatic final battle needs a bit of flow work - it's all there, and you can play it, but troops get bunched up at the wrong points and the pace isn't so good as it could be, so I'm going to spend some more time on that while waiting for the Ren'Py release to see if that fixes the texture issue.

Anyway, I should really note: I know a lot of people will just jump to the conclusion that delays are generally caused by the artist - not helped by certain persons complaining about 'lazy artists' on their twitter incessantly! - but Ren over-delivered and still finished early; she's not only given me eight characters with ten outfits and thirty-five expressions between them, but also the game logo, done some background work and some UI widget work, and finished it all in about eleven days. The delay is down to me, and in retrospect it possibly wasn't such a good idea to start a complex NaNo project the same week I started a new job, particularly given the running-off-to-Derbyshire-for-teambuilding-exercises...

All signs presently point to the possibility of a weekend release. If the Ren'Py pre-release isn't available by then I'll just go without it, but I want to hold on and check it out just in case, and that should also provide time to fix up the final battle.

One vaguely-related note: once this game is finished, I'll be merging several changes and enhancements back into the main Ren'Py RPG Battle Engine project. If you're interested in keeping up with that, you can now subscribe to an email newsletter to which I'll post out updates.


Wow I wish I was as serious as Ren when it comes to hobby art making.
I got no problem with waiting a little more to play a fine tuned game.
I sure do hope that the texture bug gets fixed, for T&I and for further Battle engine developpement. The sprites in their final colors are gorgeous.

Thank you for the kind words. :)

I wouldn't want you to get the wrong impression, though: I didn't finish all the sprites in ten days because I am generally fast (I'm not), I simply couldn't start drawing them before due to work-related reasons.

I'm glad you like the sprites, though, I was really worried people might find the style dull or unpleasant, so it's reassuring to see someone commenting so positively on them!

Dull ? No, they're not, I get a poetic and mature vibe that fits the theme just right, and that's thanks to the understatement I feel was put in your work. Your art style for these sprites strikes a good balance between an anime influence and the personality of the artist.

I am very much anticipating this release! You teased me too much with the April Fool's one. orz <-fell for it

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