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23 Apr in programming, videogames, VNs

Tristan and Iseult has been out for a couple of weeks now, lots of people have downloaded it and a fair number of those have given some useful feedback to improve the game - thanks to everyone who's pointed out bits they didn't like and especially those who've suggested ways to get around those problems. One common request was for some change to speed up the battles - some people don't want to wait to watch their little blokes tramping across the countryside, they want to get stuck into the tactical gameplay stabbing and slaughtering part of the game - so I've added a raft of features to help out in that regard. Some of these I'd been thinking about before release and just didn't have time to add, and others I hadn't thought of at all until someone suggested them.

Anyway, in the upcoming 1.5 patch, which will probably be released in a couple of days pending last-minute changes, the following new features will be introduced:

  • Preferences options have been added to turn on and off the animation sequences for movement, for combat and for incidental stuff like the speech bubbles
  • A new 'End Turn' action option to make the difference between "Wait when you haven't moved and just want to delay a bit" and "Wait when you've moved and want to end your turn" more obvious - and allow a unit which is literally just sitting around waiting for a long time to actually delay a whole turn's worth of time without having to pointlessly move first.
  • The game will automatically select your action if it's the only thing you can possibly do - so if you've moved a unit the extent of its move allowance and aren't within attack range of anything, the game will end that unit's turn without forcing you to click 'End Turn' to do so.
  • You can optionally hide all the unavailable actions from the menu, so it only ever presents you a list of things you can do right now.
  • Keyboard hotkeys for all the actions have been added, so you don't have to specifically select the more-common ones like 'wait', you can just hit 'w' instead.

Now, that last one I have a bit of a question on, and I could do with some suggestions. I've currently hot-keyed all the common actions to the first letter of that action, so you attack with the 'a' key, wait with the 'w' key, fire arrows with the 'f' key and so on. All of the actions happen to conveniently be around the left hand in the same area of the keyboard except for 'move', which is right the way over the other side. Would people prefer that 'm' was used for 'move' on the grounds that it fits better, or that something unused on the left side of the keyboard, like 'd', was used instead - even though it doesn't have any obvious relation to moving? For that matter, does anyone have any other suggestions, before I release this patch? It'll probably be the last one for a while.

Tristan and Iseult CardsTristan and Iseult Cards

In vaguely-related news, Ren has put some of her Tristan and Iseult art up in a gallery on her DeviantArt page, so if you're interested in seeing higher-res versions of the characters in nice frames, you can go over there and have a look. The cards above (sorry about the crappy mobile-phone-camera shot) are made from them, they make nice tarot-style cards in my opinion.


Oh well I'm really eager to try these battles again with the patch. It seems to me these changes will speed things up and I just might try different tactics now that I can play battles faster.

I think the keyboard hotkeys are a grand idea considering I'm playing with a laptop and using the pad to select actions is cumbersome after the 30th selection. About the "M" issue, I think it's much more convenient to have everyone in the same vicinity, even at the cost of some logic. But I'd have to try it to really confirm that opinion.

Really these do make very nice tarot cards, they're a cool hommage to Ren's art.
I like the pixel sized avatars up in the orb, these little guys really grow on you.

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