Vote 'YES' to the Alternative Vote

25 Apr in design, politics

Vote YES

I spent half an hour this afternoon pretending I was a graphic designer... I don't like any of the 'official' Yes-to-AV posters, so I made some of my own. Here, print them out and put them in your front windows:

If you've never voted..."
Enemy of democracy.
Cameron thinks we're too stupid...

Here's one in two parts for people like me who only have an A4 printer:

Top Bit
Bottom Bit

...and some that are conveniently sized for the driver and passenger-side pull-down shades in your car:

Driver's Side
Passenger Side

This referendum isn't going to be won or lost by scumbag Tories making up filthy lies about AV or its supporters (I'm looking at you, Warsi, Osborne and Hague), it's going to be won or lost by people actually bothering to get up off their arses and spend five minutes of their day going to vote.

This is arguably more important than the general election, and we more than likely won't get another chance if we cock it up. Vote - make sure of it.

(Preferrably for the "yes, I want to abandon the rubbish FPTP system" option, not the "no, I'm a horrible bastard who wants to protect the safe-seat scum who worsen this country on a daily basis" option. ;-)


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