Age of Sail update

01 Dec in art, boardgames

Art for the aforementioned BGG contest entry is well underway - as well as taking part in a competition, it's been a great exercise of my digital painting, which previously I've only really used for VN BGs and the like.

The board for my entry is a six-part modular board that can be refit into a variety of configurations, depicting an island-scattered tropical ocean. The below arrangement isn't actually possible, since it's two sides of the same board stuck together, but it's representative:


I've also been doing a variety of 'item' pictures that fit in with the theme... I've still got a few more to do, but I'm pretty happy with the way they've turned out - I'm kind of going for a modern-version-of-late-nineties-Lucasarts-adventure look:


I've also been doing drawn-map versions of my board tiles - for the same reason as I did a black-and-white lineart version of Dungeon in a Tin - some people don't have access to full-colour printers, or can't afford the ink. I've dressed it up with a parchment-like texture for show here, but the original is actually just black-and-white lineart again:


It turns out that the front-line update map in Tristan and Iseult was good practice!


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