Conquest of the Skies

29 Jul in boardgames

Conquest of the Skies - Game in ProgressConquest of the Skies - Game in Progress

Somewhere around six months ago, I was taking part in the Art and Game contest on BoardGameGeek - a two-part contest in which first artists would create art for imaginary boardgames, and then game-designers would create games from other people's art. You may remember my own art entries from a very long time ago my last post.

Well, in the second half of the contest I ran with the talented Ilya Baranovsky's artwork, which he called "Wind Chaser"; I saw it and immediately thought "4X", and Conquest of the Skies was born... albeit with several rounds of completely changing everything 'cause it was originally a far more clunky and slow game.

Ilya deservingly won the first place for the art side of the contest (my own Age of Sail entry scraped in third!) and Conquest somehow went on to win the first place in the game side. You can check it out here, or click on the link under 'Projects' in the menu to the right.

One of the best things about releasing games on BoardGameGeek is that there's a healthy community of print-and-players on that site, and you get to see all the cool things other people do with your game. Conquest hasn't proved so popular or imagination-inspiring as my previous Dungeon in a Tin, but there's still a couple of cool-looking builds on the BGG page; my favourite has to be this guy's, with hand-made dowelling for the pieces, colour-coded backs to the research cards and a neat little bag for the research counters.

I would also totally recommend checking out Jessey Wright's Rise of the Rebels, which is a pretty nice take on the classic card-counter wargame. I'm not sure how innovative it is since I don't play a lot of card-counter wargames, but there's some things in there I'd not seen before that work pretty well. (Also it has a totally awesome board.)

In other news, Dungeon in a Tin recently passed the threshold number of user ratings to get ranked in the BGG boardgame listings, currently sitting as the 4655th best boardgame of all time! Considering that that's 4655th out of around 60000, that's not actually all that bad.

Conquest of the Skies on Eviscerate

Conquest of the Skies on BoardGameGeek


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