Battle Engine - Alpha 7.5 Released: Rotation!

20 Jan in programming, videogames, VNs

Elevation TileMap RotationElevation TileMap Rotation

This is really only a half-release, as there's only one big new feature: map rotation in tilemaps. It has some caveats, mostly due to limitations with Ren'Py, and trying to work around these led me to take far longer with this half-release than the couple of weeks I'd intended... but I figure that it's better to get on to other new functionality that I know that I can do than sit around bashing my head against a couple of restrictions.

Head over to the Releases page to download it - there's a load of fixes and cleanups of other areas of the system as well, so it's worth taking even if you're not planning on using the tilemap functionality.


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