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01 Sep

Battle Engine - Alpha 7 Released: Elevation, TileMaps and RPG Screens

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Alpha 7 of my CC-licensed RPG battle engine for Ren'Py has now been released, adding elevation to grid battlefields, tile maps and support for loading tile-based battlefields - complete with height info - out of external files, and a selection of screens to aid in the creation of RPGs.

Elevation PreviewElevation Preview

26 Aug

Ren'Py Battle Engine - Elevation

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Elevation PreviewElevation Preview

A new release of the Ren'Py Battle Engine is due imminently, so what have I been doing with my time?

29 Jul

Conquest of the Skies

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Conquest of the Skies - Game in ProgressConquest of the Skies - Game in Progress

Somewhere around six months ago, I was taking part in the Art and Game contest on BoardGameGeek - a two-part contest in which first artists would create art for imaginary boardgames, and then game-designers would create games from other people's art. You may remember my own art entries from a very long time ago my last post.

31 Dec

Boardgame art finished - watch for the design half of the contest!

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As previously mentioned, I've been painting (digitally) some art for a contest on BoardGameGeek in which artists make game art and then designers design a game around the art, as opposed to the usual process which takes place the other way around (for some reason...).

01 Dec

Age of Sail update

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Art for the aforementioned BGG contest entry is well underway - as well as taking part in a competition, it's been a great exercise of my digital painting, which previously I've only really used for VN BGs and the like.

The board for my entry is a six-part modular board that can be refit into a variety of configurations, depicting an island-scattered tropical ocean. The below arrangement isn't actually possible, since it's two sides of the same board stuck together, but it's representative:


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