Eagle Jäger

In 2005, DP9 ran a 'Pimp Your Gear' competition, apparently modelled after some TV programme about modifying cars; I decided to deck out a Jäger, the Vauxhall Nova of Terranovan gears (in case you're wondering, the Ferret is the Robin Reliant of Terranovan gears), with extra bodywork and stuck-on bits to make it bear some passing resemblance to the Republican Eagle icon.

First MockupFirst Mockup
As you can see, the first mockup was more or less just a pose check/does-the-wing-look-too-stupid check. Note that I waited 'til after hacking practically everything off of the kit to do this... ;-)

Second MockupSecond Mockup
The second mockup is looking a lot healthier - lots of bits sculpted on (although I'm still not approaching the fantastic skill of Phillipe LeClerc... :/), but still the original mockup wing.

Ready for paintingReady for painting
Finally, ready to paint! These first stages took me probably two weeks of spare time on their own. I'm much more pleased with the second wing attempt... a lot cleaner.

I actually employed more techniques learned from the heady world of gundam modelling here than I did things I'd learned in years of mini conversions... in particular smoothing out joins with first rough putty, then sanding, then smooth putty, then sanding, then paint, then sanding... and using coats of paint to check seams and the smoothness of surfaces.

Base paint progressBase paint progress
I was tempted to leave the base like that, especially since all the flock or static grass that I have is insanely bright and cheerful...

Base after flockingBase after flocking
...but in the end I just dyed some stupidly-bright flock to a more reasonable colour. Still brighter than I'd like, but better than nothing still. It turns out that static grass just doesn't work after dyeing... :/

You can see the finished Eagle Jäger here:
Miniature Shot
Magazine Shot

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