Heavy Gear Barnaby Scratchbuild

Well, I say 'scratchbuild' but really I'm relying heavily in a couple of ways in two previous Barnaby projects - Paul Lesack's papercraft Barnaby to save me measuring too much, and Sam Wood's excellent Barnaby scratchbuild (which unfortunately seems to have fallen off the web) for an idea of a good parts breakdown. But since I'm not sourcing parts from either project, I can still feel comfortable calling it a scratchbuild. ;-)

Anyway, from that you should know what a Barnaby looks like, and possibly what it's for, if you didn't already. Now, a succession of in-progress photos of the parts I'm making.

Initial try for the rear endInitial try for the rear end
Initial piecesInitial pieces
Re-doing the rear side with cleaner detailRe-doing the rear side with cleaner detail
The inside and outside of the front rampThe inside and outside of the front ramp
Assembly so far (with gear for scale)Assembly so far (with gear for scale)
Internal floorInternal floor
Sides and top of the rearSides and top of the rear
Detailing insides of cargo bayDetailing insides of cargo bay
Detailing outsides of cargo bayDetailing outsides of cargo bay
Dremel-lathed wheel with inset detailDremel-lathed wheel with inset detail
Assembly so farAssembly so far
Progress so far - with more cast piecesProgress so far - with more cast pieces

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